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By AxiomXIII, March 10, 2012 2 Axiom, Blog, Video Games

I have been reading a lot lately about the debate over BioWare’s day one DLC for Mass Effect 3, and to be honest I’m not sure what to think about it.  There are strong arguments on both sides, but many… Read More »

By AxiomXIII, March 5, 2012 0 Axiom, Blog, World of Warcraft

Blizzard has a history of crafting great specials in order to attempt to draw back some of the customers that have fallen away from the World of Warcraft playerbase over the years, but the recent announcement of an expansion to… Read More »

Playing Catch Up

By AxiomXIII, November 2, 2011 1 Axiom, Blog, GameFamily

One of the difficulties I face in trying to review games is that games are expensive. I am not particularly wealthy, so I don’t often purchase new games, making my efforts to review games somewhat more difficult. Eventually many game… Read More »

Activation Energy

By AxiomXIII, September 8, 2011 1 Axiom, Blog

The term “Activation Energy” is one that cropped up a lot in a college chemistry class I took not long ago.  While there is a lot more to it, at its most basic activation energy can be described as the… Read More »

Going Back to Say Goodbye?

By AxiomXIII, August 8, 2011 0 Axiom

Star Wars Galaxies was not my first MMORPG, nor my last, but it was possibly the one I was the most excited to get my hands on. Why then am I even more excited to see it go? On June… Read More »