Playing Games as a Family


Video games are a huge part of my life.  Whether playing, designing, or reviewing video games occupy a large portion of many of my days. This was something that struck me early when I started writing for the, now defunct, GameFamily website.  Since games are such a large part of my life, they have become a large part of my family’s lives as well.  Yet it seems that games that we can actually enjoy together as a family are few and far between in my household.  This is something that I have recently begun to attempt to remedy.

I know that I am a bit behind the times.  As I have written before, I don’t have a lot of expendable income to put toward the acquisition of new games.  So, when I recently began watching the sales that come across Steam I noticed that Plants Vs. Zombies, once a very popular game, is now a very cheap buy.  My son has downloaded the demo of the game several time over the last couple of years, and when we saw that the price on Steam had dropped so low he was able to convince my wife and I that we should go ahead and buy it for him. (Though it didn’t really take much convincing as I am a big zombie fan.)

What I was pleasantly surprised to discover was that my wife, who normally looks on video games with disdain, fell in love with the game as well.  Even my daughter, who has little patience for such things has been working to complete the game since we purchased it.  Despite the fact that the game has no multiplayer, it has become a bonding experience for my family.  We take turns playing and watching each other play.  As my children complete each level and discover new zombies, plants, and mini-games they become excited, and will carry on conversations for long periods of time about how far they are in the game, and how interesting each type of zombie is.  As I played one particular level my entire family was thrilled with the appearance of a large zombie carrying a smaller one on his back, and cheered when he threw the smaller zombie across the screen to attack a plant in the back row.

I have been very happy to discover how such a simple game, more than two years old, has been able to unite my family over a love for one of my favorite pass times.

On the heels of our attachment to Plants Vs. Zombies, my family was recently gifted a copy of Rock Band, along with all of the necessary instruments needed to play the game.  As this is the type of game my daughter and wife truly enjoy I look forward to seeing how much more the enjoyment of sharing a game with the entire family can grow when we all get to take part in playing together.


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