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Zeta’s Blog: Why Video Games?

By AxiomXIII, February 26, 2011 0 Blog, GameFamily, Zeta

So, why video games? I can think of a lot of meanings and intentions with this question. Why do video games seem to infect all ages? Why do I like video games so much? Why do I write for a… Read More »

By AxiomXIII, February 24, 2011 0 Review

Blood and Gore Violence Language Partial Nudity (Halo 2 for Vista PC only)         Family First The Halo series is one of the most popular series of all time in video gaming history. It rivals that of… Read More »

Where Have You Been?

By AxiomXIII, February 17, 2011 0 Blog, GameFamily

Q) GameFamily has been quiet for a while. Where did you guys go? A) When Zeta and I began GameFamily we were both leading fairly comfortable lives and were viewing the GameFamily website as a creative outlet, and a way… Read More »